Jinn in the house Signs.


When jinn haunt a house, most people’s response is to vacate the house and reside in another one. This may work if the jinn have been staying in the house for quite some time, but will prove useless if the jinn have been sent by a magician to harm the family.


If a magician has sent jinn to the house, you may notice the following:


• You may feel the presence of something or someone in the house
• You may see strange supernatural elements in the house, such as a shadow or a scary face
• You may hear someone jumping or leaping on the terrace
• You may hear sounds of someone pulling a heavy object on to the terrace
• The house may plunge into darkness due to the jinn performing black magic on the house
• You may smell a foul stench in the house
• You may experience health problems when in the house, but feel normal after leaving the house
• You may see strange shadows in the house
• You may feel unwell at a certain time, mainly at the exact time that the jinn have been sent to the house due to the jinn performing black magic on the victim
• You may see blood spots in the house
• You may see taweez or vegetables in the house
• You may feel as if you heard someone calling your name from behind, but find nobody when turning around
• You may see a ghost-like image of a person which quickly disappear
• You may see or hear stones being thrown at the house
• You may see jinn in the house a few years after moving in as they were not there when you originally moved in
• You may notice that when the quran is played, havoc is created
• It is only the victim/s whom the jinn or magician perform black magic on that can only see or sense anything unusual in the house. No one else will be able to sense or see anything
• You may notice any of these signs mostly during the night.



If the jinn have inhabited the house on their own, then you may notice the following:


• You witness supernatural phenomenon the moment the house is purchased and you have moved in
• You may experience strange occurrences as after moving in
• You may notice that the jinn always stay in a particular room or area of the house, and you should vacate that part of the house
• You may notice that jinn frequently enter and exit the house
• You may experience pranks in the house, for example, things going missing or being hidden
• The jinn live together in groups
• The jinn may punish the occupants of the house for minor faults, resulting in the occupants facing some trouble every now and then
• You may notice a white shadow in the house often
• When the quran is played in the house, no havoc is caused and the house is peaceful.